The Entrance
May 11, 2002
Front View of Entrance Cabin

Front View of Entrance

This image of the entrance to the Village was taken on May 11, 2002. The entrance was completely rebuilt as the original had been torn down.

People entering the Village would walk through the center entrance which had a wooden stockade fence with a gate. When they left, they would be directed through the gift shop which was located on the right in the above image.

The other side of the building was used for administrative purposes.

Check the .MPEG video of the new Entrance!
Movement is fast. Use the slide bar to drag slowly through the scenes.

Video 1, Front into left room, 1.2 MB, 320 X 240.

Video 2, Back into right room, 1.3 MB, 320 X 240.

Interior Views of the Entrance

Looking into Left Room

Looking into the left room from the dogtrot.

Fireplace in the left room.

Fireplace in the right room.

Old door on left room. This door may have been part of the old Entrance. Note the pegs and wooden hinges.

Close-up of pegs in old door.

Front View of Entrance Cabin

Another View of Entrance