The Evansville Courier and Journal, June 30, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Log Village, With Century-Old Setting,

Scene of Unique Lincoln Tribute July 4

Characters in the Lincoln Pageant

Important characters in the Lincoln pageant in connection with the dedication of the Lincoln Pioneer Village at Rockport, July 4, are shown above. Upper left is Mrs. K. C. Atkinson as Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of the Emancipator. Upper right is Mrs. Francis White as Mrs. Sarah Bush Lincoln stepmother of Abraham Lincoln.

Other characters in the pageant pictured are John Shrode as Lincoln at the age of seven, lower center; Willard Huffman, portraying Lincoln the student at the age of 18, and Judge F. A. Heuring and Miss Grace H. Pattie as Tom and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, lower right.

At the extreme lower left is Mrs. Bell Harvey holding a unique clay pipe mold that will be one of the interesting exhibits of relics at the dedication.

The mold is over 100 years old and was owned by Mrs. Harvey’s mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Lonf Bowman, who, with her husband, William Bowman, moved here from the south in 1860. During the Civil war, Mrs. Bowman filled orders for pipes given her by members of the Home Guards. She was able to produce 12 pipes daily which she sold for 10 cents each.

The cabin shown at the top center is the Gentry home, where Thomas Lincoln and his family spent their last night in Spencer county, in 1830.


Rockport, June 29.—(Special)

IN A CENTURY-OLD setting, thousands from the three "Lincoln states," Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, are expected here Thursday to participate in a unique tribute to the Emancipator—the dedication of the Lincoln Pioneer Village—and to re-live with Rockport the days of the great Lincoln’s youth.

The tribute here to the Civil war president has drawn so much attention that the day’s observance has been recognized by the United States government.

A special three-cent stamp has been issued for the occasion by the postoffice department, which will be on sale at the Village "postoffice" on July 4 only. The "postoffice" will be conducted by members of the Diligent Daughters of the Rockport Trinity Lutheran church.


Dedication of the village will follow a fitting tribute to another beloved character of bygone days—William Holmes McGuffey, noted educator—by members of J. Roy Strickland’s McGuffey club.

The McGuffey club’s program is scheduled to begin at 1 o’clock in the afternoon with the program dedicating the Lincoln Village following at 2:30 o’clock.

Completed plans for the Lincoln Pioneer Village dedication are announced as follows:

Guests of honor will be led to the speakers’ platform by the Dale high school girls’ drum corps with 50 young ladies as escort of honor. Mrs. Bess V. Ehrmann, president of the Spencer County Historical society, will preside.

After music by the Rockport high school band, directed by E. E. Nichols, the Rev. Lee S. Jarrett, pastor of the Rockport M. E. church, will deliver the invocation.


Mayor Harvey T. Chinn, Rockport, next will welcome the visitors, followed by E. C. Simpson, representative of Spencer and Perry counties, who will present Senator Minton. The senator will deliver an address on "American Patriotism." Attorney-General Philip Lutz will speak next on "The Fourth of July in Lincoln’s Time and Today," after being introduced also by Simpson.

Van Orman, after being presented by T. C. Basye, president emeritus of the Spencer County Historical society, will give an address, as will Congressman Boehne, after Basye likewise introduces him. Boehne’s subject is "Lincoln Memorials."

A musical number, "In the Good Old U. S. A.," will be sung by Mrs. Ben Smith of Grandview.

Following this, Basye will introduce Judge Roscoe Kiper, Lincoln historian, of Boonville, who will describe "Lincoln’s Boyhood in Spencer County."


One of the first of the Lincoln historians, William Fortune, of Indianapolis, will give a short talk as will J. Roy Strickland of Owensville, organizer of the "McGuffey clubs" of the state. Both will be introduced by Mrs. Ehrmann, who will then present Honig.

Honig, Rockport artist and sculptor, formerly of Evansville, will give the dedicatory address, followed by music by the Rockport high school band. A benediction by the Rev. A. M. Allen, pastor of the Rockport Trinity Lutheran church, will bring the program to a close.

July 4 was designated yesterday as a "special day" by Mayor Harvey T. Chinn in a proclamation issued as a welcome to guests expected here for the dedication of the Lincoln Village. The proclamation reads:

"We celebrate at this time the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, in our nation’s history, and in our city’s history, the dedication of our Lincoln Pioneer Village—a national memorial to Abraham Lincoln and the pioneers of Spencer county, Indiana.

"Let us put aside business cares for the day; greet old friends, welcome our guests, and have a happy and great celebration."




Walter DeWitt, general manager of Evansville Loew theaters, is attempting to arrange with news reel companies to have cameramen at the dedication of the Lincoln Pioneer village at Rockport, July 4.