The Evansville Press, July 8, 1936

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Rockport Village Designer Says Famed President Learned by Travel

"Lincoln in Spencer County" was the subject of a talk by George H. Honig, noted sculptor and artist and designer of Lincoln Village at Rockport, at the Optimist Club luncheon Wednesday in the Hotel McCurdy.

"There are three reasons for Lincoln’s having acquired so much education while living in Spencer County," Mr. Honig said.

"First, his forest education … . Then his ‘river college’; during a flatboat trip to New Orleans he read in his spare time. This, coupled with the sights he saw, were, according to Horace Greeley, worth two years in a New York high school."

"He was famous for his knowledge of Shakespeare," continued Mr. Honig. "This knowledge was acquired from ‘Scott’s Elocution’ Passages that he memorized were never forgotten.

"The Lincoln Village is a silent language which tells its own story," Mr. Honig said. "Twenty-five thousand persons visited it last year, and the number of visitors is increasing."