SEPT. 1936


(Sheet 2)

  1. Lincoln Pioneer Village.

It is not only because of the memory of Lincoln in this county that this project is favored, but its far reaching social and business effects mark it in numerous ways as proof of the fruits of WPA both present and future. It has brought together people whose ancestors were neighbors and friends of the great man it honors. They have, through cooperation, preserved many things for future generations which otherwise would have been lost. It has been the incentive to many to achieve an education heretofore despised. It has brought paying guests into the city in ever growing numbers but perhaps the largest factor in its many benefits is the social side. The project was started under FERA and when the forty men started under WPA many never had held a builder’s tool in their hands. They, under the direction of George Honig, supervisor, cut trees, hauled and dressed native rock and clay and put up, piece by piece, these fourteen log cabins built as they were a hundred years ago. These men now are skilled workmen and many have acquired a plot of ground and in spare time are erecting dwellings similar to these for their families. This training has been invaluable. The village is an exact replica of the pioneer village in Spencer County when Lincoln roamed the hills and valleys. The project became reality through the WPA. It was sponsored by the Business Men’s Association and the Spencer County Historical Society, and was the idea of Mr. Honig for many years.

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