Information from the National Archives
Washington, D.C.
Man with draw knife

The above photo from the National Archives shows a man using a draw knife to shape a piece of wood. He is wearing a raccoon skin hat. In the background is one of the large beech trees that was prevalent in the park. Negative 6637-C.

Thanks to Patricia Dawson for her research. Also, thanks to the South Spencer High School Electronic Office class for keying many of these documents.

The Indianapolis News, Friday, June 26, 1936

Bulletin of Relief and Recovery in Indiana, July, 1936

Bulletin of Relief and Recovery in Indiana, June - July, 1936

Excerpts from an Address by Mr. Wayne Coy, July 4, 1936

Three Best Projects, September, 1936

News Release No. 175, June 26, 1935

News Release No. 6, January 7, 1936

News Release No. 618, June 24, 1936

News Release No. 619, June 24, 1936

Brown's Tavern
Negative 6639-C

This photo is of Brown's Tavern. Notice the wooden wheeled cart in the foreground.


Old Pigeon Baptist Church
Negative 8490-D

This photo is of the Old Pigeon Baptist Church. Notice the clothing styles of the 30's. The caption under the photo reads: Spencer Co. Lincoln Village 6-9-36, Old Pigeon Baptist Church.


Jone's Store
Negative 12014

This is an inside view of the Jones' Store. Wicker baskets and crockery are on the shelves. The large container in the center has GUNPOWDER written on it. In the upper left corner of the photo, hanging in the rafters are bamboo courting tubes.


View of Village Looking Southwest
Negative 12010

This view of the Village is looking southwest from the current location of the Mackey Cabin which was moved to this new location when it was rebuilt. The covered wagon is on the site of the Transportation Building which was constructed during the filming of The Kentuckian.