The Rockport Democrat, May 31, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Free Entrance to Rockport City Park On Big Celebration Day;

Small Charge For Tour Of Village


The big celebration to be held July 4th in the Rockport City Park is to be a big Spencer county affair and there is to be no admission charges to the park on that day as it is a free pioneer celebration.

There is to be a 10 cent admission to make a tour of the Lincoln Pioneer village, which is inside a log stockade in the park on the south side of the park.

Reception committees from all parts of the county are to be stationed just outside the village to welcome all who come. Members of the Boonville Press club and the McGuffey club will be registered.

Free parking space for automobiles will be furnished, automobiles to enter the park at the Main street entrance. The Seminary street entrance will be for pedestrians only.

The Rockport city council is to have charge of the traffic and will have a large force of traffic police to handle the thousands of cars that day.

Interest in the Lincoln Pioneer village grows greater as the work nears completion and the citizens of Spencer county are to have part in an unusual memorial to the pioneers and to Abraham Lincoln.

The entire county has been invited to participate in the mammoth parade which will open the day’s celebration. Floats of great interest are to be entered from all over the county and prizes awarded to the best exhibit.

People are to gather for the old fashioned basket picnic dinner under the shade of the great trees and for those who desire a pioneer dinner the Ladies Aid of the Rockport M. E. church will serve meals for 50c a plate. Their table under the great trees will fairly groan beneath the weight of food.

Let Spencer county have the greatest home coming in its history.