The Rockport Democrat, July 12, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

The Parade Formation, July 4th

The following is the order of the parade:

  1. Flag Bearer, American Legion.
  2. Rockport High School Band.
  3. The old Rockport Fair Band wagon, with T. C. Basye and Henry Hoch.
  4. Abe Lincoln portrayed by Mr. Neumann of Evansville.
  5. Schoenfeld Float.
  6. Father Time and Youth, by J. A. Laird and Russell Laird, Jr.
  7. Old Tread Mill, by Ben Branch.
  8. Old Farm Tools, by Scamahorn and Hutchison.
  9. Old Time Blacksmith Shop, by C. E. Anderson.
  10. Whipsaw, by Ora Brown and Farm Bureau.
  11. Tri-State Scene, Spencer County Motor Co.
  12. Lincoln, the boy, studying by the fireside.
  13. Lincoln, the rail-splitter, on ox wagon, by Newtonville.
  14. Slave Auction Block, by Martin-Serrin Co. and Blue Eagle Lodge.
  15. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Bennett and Feigel.
  16. Lincoln, the President, Rockport I. O. O. F. Lodge.
  17. The Constitution, C. W. Halbruge & Co.
  18. Horsewomen on side-saddles, Myrtha Barnett, Mrs. Rhoades.
  19. Pioneer Buggy, carrying Comrade James Baugh.
  20. One Horse Wagon, Louis Taylor.
  21. Team and Wagon, Crick Lawrence.
  22. Horsewoman, side-saddle, Cora Crowder.
  23. Riving Clabboard with frow, by Tableman Bros.
  24. Evansville Drum Corps.
  25. The Meeks Massacre, by Richland.
  26. Tribe of Indians, by Kiwanis Club.
  27. Ox team and covered wagon, by Kentucky folks.
  28. Horse and Buggy
  29. Hunter in coonskin cap, James Gillett
  30. 4-H club’s banner, by Rockport club.
  31. Betsy Ross Flag, by Richland club.
  32. Boys and girls riding, by the Silverdale club.
  33. Pony and surrey, by the Eureka club.
  34. Buggy and horse, by South Central club.
  35. Band of Singers, by the Grandview club.
  36. Emigrant family in covered wagon, by Gentryville club.
  37. Daniel Boone, by Rockport club.
  38. Number of boys on fishing trip, by Newtonville, Clay City and Midway.
  39. Flatboat at Sandy Creek Landing, by Grandview.
  40. Hoosier Schoolmaster, by Dale club.
  41. Covered Wagon, by Floyd Pennington and Son Bunch.
  42. Pack Peddlers, Pat Hobby and Buster Kinder.
  43. Wagon and Ladders from the Rockport Fire Department.
  44. Push Cart, "No Bananas Today," by Bill Tindel.
  45. Team and Wagon, by Vincent Greenlee.
  46. Pioneer one-horse wagon, by Nat Willis.
  47. Pack Peddlers, by Pat Cassidy and Shorty Van Hooser.
  48. Music club singers going to church in old surrey.
  49. Old Weaving Loom, by Grandview.
  50. Evansville American Legion Auxiliary.
  51. Old High Wheel Bicycle.
  52. Diogenes, by Calvin Heckel.
  53. Covered Wagon, by Wm. Grenderson
  54. Old Santa Claus and children, by Santa Claus.
  55. Horse and Buggy, by Luella Laird.
  56. Farm Scene, by Walter Covey.
  57. Wheat Cradle with shock of wheat, by Ab Gentry and E. L. Hayden.
  58. Wagon with box frame, by Jacob Stateler.
  59. Pioneer Ice Factory, by Kopp’s Feed Store.
  60. Two-Wheel cart by Greenlee.
  61. Goat cart, by Marshall boy.
  62. Old country store, by Red Deweese.
  63. Pontiac, by Matthews Bros.
  64. Plantation Scene, by M. & P. Contract Co.
  65. Indian chief in canoe, by P. H. Axton.
  66. Float with Misses Indiana, Spencer County, Rockport and Columbia.
  67. McGuffey club school, U. S. Lindsey, teacher.
  68. Mary’s Little Lamb, by H. E. Kinney.
  69. Harry and the Guidepost, by T. W. Savage.
  70. Peter Pindar, the story teller, by Balderson & Ashcraft.
  71. Little Boy Blue, by D. W. Kenner.
  72. The Old-Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, by Bennett, Brown, Bristow, Winchell and England.
  73. Old Mother Hubbard, by W. W. Spain.
  74. Horseback Rider in paraphernalia 100 years old, used by Col. Wright.
  75. Old Sundial, by Parsley Bros.
  76. Evansville 40 and 8 Legion locomotive built on auto chassis.
  77. Ox team, by Louis Eigenman.
  78. The Luce Family by Eureka and Hatfield.
  79. Dale Drum Corps.
  80. Feigel’s "first make" automobile.