The Rockport Journal, January 4, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Under the FERA Program of Indiana, money has been appropriated for labor to build a Lincoln pioneer village in the City Park in the county seat of Rockport, Spencer county. The city council of Rockport and all business men’s organizations approved and urged the building of this pioneer village, but requested the Spencer County Historical Society to take the leadership, make the plans and assign to others the work to be done in such a project. In a called meeting of the society, on Dec. 17th, the members voted to take the leadership in this great undertaking.

We want every man, woman and child in our county to feel that they should help and have an interest in this work. Each one shall be given an opportunity to contribute to the fund if only a penny or 5 cents. As long as this village is to be built, let us build it right and for all time. When build, it will maintain itself by the small charge of admittance from those who come to visit it.

We are able to make a place in Spencer county equal to Spring Mill park, or Harrodsburg, Ky., if we all help the cause. Our county has the honor of being the home for fourteen years of one of the world’s greatest men, Abraham Lincoln, and our county seat of Rockport played an important role in his life, which we are now able to reproduce in this pioneer village, so let every citizen give his bit to the movement. A year ago we were given the opportunity to do this thing, but for lack of proper support it failed. Again the state makes the offer, and this time we must not let the offer pass us by.

George Honig’s plans are drawn; logs have been donated by generous citizens, and there are now 988 logs in the City Park ready to begin the cabins and more being hauled daily. Money is needed for hardware, lime, cement and other material, so when you are called upon to donate, please respond, however small the gift, and your name shall be recorded among those to be place in one of the buildings. Every club and organization in our county shall be requested to assist this movement, so please be ready.

Signed: Bess V. Ehrmann, Pres. Spencer County Historical Society; Laura Mercy Wright, Sec’y.; U. S. Lindsey, Treas.; T. C. Basye, Pres. Emeritus.