The Rockport Journal, January 18, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Committees Are Named For Pioneer Village Funds

The Lincoln pioneer village project is well under way at this time. The executive committee of the Spencer County Historical Society has been busy the past week in appointing committees and solicitors for all organizations and groups. The clubs approached during the past week have responded well. Every home is to be solicited, so be prepared to make a donation however small.

Committees are as follows: Building committee, Charles Wilbern, Taylor Bayse, Pat Axton, Sr., and others whom the committee select. Pat Axton, Sr., is treasurer for the entire project and all checks and donations are to be paid to him. Finance, Harvey Chinn, Horace Sohn, co-chairmen, Ben Branch, Ben Curtis, Thomas Fortune.

Letters, Laura Wright, Tura Ellis, Mina Cook, Minnie Snyder, Mrs. Sam Hill.

Out of town solicitors, Robert Baum, Albert Wedeking, Louis Savage, Charles Link, Mina Cook, Mrs. Lizzie Jolly.

Rockport house to house solicitors, Grace Pattie, Jessie Heuring, Betty Baum, Lizzie Bullock, Maude Richards, Louise Atchison, Cordelia Glackman.

Solicitors for organizations, Historical Society, Elizabeth Bullock; Woman’s Club, Carrie V. Halbruge; Literary Club, Nell Weiner; Music Club, Laura Wright; P. T. A., Bertha McCullough; Delphian, Bess Ehrman; Home Economics, Pauline Branch; Public Schools, T. V. Pruitt; Odd Fellows, Taylor Basye; Rebekahs, Laura Wright; Eastern Star, Mina Cook; Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Fortune; Masonic, C. C. Ashcraft; Business and Professional Women, Mina Cook; Silverdale Home Economics, Grace Pattie; Improvement Association, Henry Hoch; Kiwanis, Warren Lindsey; Legion Auxiliary, Goldie Napper; Garden Club, Louise Atchison, American Legion, Winn Shrode, Women’s Relief Corps, Mrs. U. S. Lindsey; Diligent Daughters, Mary G. Richards; W. C. T. U., Lizzie Gentry; Catholic Guild, Bertha Richardson; Evangelical Aid, Mrs. Charles Wilbern; Presbyterian Trustees, Clarence Underhill; Baptist Aid, Mrs. Ike Thurman; Spencer county schools, Eugenia Hayden; Christian Bible School, Nora Rimstidt; M. E. C. A., Lizzie Gentry.