The Rockport Journal, June 7, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Events On Fourth Will Be Numerous


The Fourth of July committee invites you gallant gentlemen to conduct your ladies to the old time sawdust "square dance." It is free. Don’t be afraid of getting sawdust in your shoes.

The committee desires to impress it on the minds of the public that the vehicle entrance will be from Main Street.

No cars whatever will be allowed on the picnic grounds proper after 8:30 o’clock a. m. of the Fourth. (not even the ambulance)

Until they are all sold the booths under the amphitheatre are on sale for that day only at $2.00 each. First come, first served.

The parade will begin forming at the Court House square at nine o’clock, and will leave there for the City Park at 10 o’clock. Many interesting old time representations will be shown in the parade.

The McGuffy Club will have a float in the parade. Get started right. Get out your old McGuffy reader and study your lesson. Many of us failed to when we had a chance. Join the McGuffy Club.

You can pitch horse shoes if you like. We are inviting the champions. Our shoe ringers want a chance to best the best.

If any of the ladies get their dresses torn off, by accident, they can buy calico at the Old Jones Store in the Pioneer Village out of which to make a new one. You can get it made for you while you wait.

The Committee wants a volunteer cavilcade of horseback riders. Both men and women with their old fashioned side saddles. Call the committee and tell it that you will be on hands.

My grandma will spin for you on her float in the parade. My other grandma will show you how to weave. My other grandma will show you how to knit socks with four little straight wires.

My grandpa will show you what his grandpa cut his wheat with. My other grandpa will show you what his grandpa plowed with. My other grandpa will show you how his grandpa made roofing for their homes.