The Rockport Journal, June 7, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Garden Club Works To Improve Village


Pioneer women in Spencer county were used to may hardships and did much back-breaking labor in the home, and in places they cultivated ground to plant their seed for food. Today the Rockport Garden Club is devoting time to the planting of flowers in the Lincoln Pioneer Village and those on this committee who do the work have been giving more labor than any other group in Rockport.

The ladies on this committee are: Mrs. K. C. Atchison, general chairman, Mrs. Charles Wilbern and Mrs. J. G. Baum, joint chairmen of the special garden, Mrs. James Hargis, Mrs. R. Roberts, Mrs. Louis Schoenfeld, Miss Pet Enlow, Mrs. J. C. Glackman and Mrs. Isabelle Kopp.

When the flowers are in bloom and the vines growing on July 4th as if they had been in the village for years, jut remember these ladies and the work they have done to make it a beauty spot and an honor to their club.

There is to be many quaint articles of furniture in the log houses on July 4th and one of the most interesting is a cradle owned by Mr. and Mrs. Grant Johnson of Dale. This cradle has been used by four generations, first by Joseph Haynes who married Jane Baker Sept. 1810 for their 13 children. It passed to their daughter who married William Baker in 1843, passed to the daughter who married J. J. Turnham in 1868, passed to the daughter who married Grant Johnson in 1893, and was used by them for their children. What a story it could tell, if only able to talk. The Turnhams were dfriends and neighbors of the Lincolns and Abe Lincoln may have rocked one of the Turnham babies in this cradle while in their home.