The Rockport Journal, July 5, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.




Those in charge of the Fourth of July celebration and the dedication of the Lincoln Pioneer Village are indebted for its success to all the citizens of Spencer county for their loyal cooperation, to JRoy for his continual boosting of the project through his Paragraphy in the McGuffey Club articles, for hardly a day has elapsed in the last several weeks that he has not given it the widest publicity, for every reader of the Courier reads Paragraphy.

Another factor, and not the least by any means, is the great amount of publicity that has come through the press. Each paper in this end of the state has been a real booster. The Evansville dailies have been exceedingly liberal with their space, in the news articles and features. The Indianapolis papers have been more than generous in their publicity. We might mention others, but the list is too long, and we must not forget the Associated Press, for their articles and features have been carried from Maine to California and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf.

The value of all this publicity cannot be estimated in dollars and cents and had we been compelled to pay for all of the free space we have received it would have cost thousands of dollars. So, on behalf of our citizens, we want to make this public acknowledgment for all that has been said and done to make the Fourth of July of 1935 an outstanding day in this community.