The Rockport Journal, July 19, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Historical Society Gives Thanks for Aid Proffered

In behalf of the Spencer county historical society we thank all those who assisted in any way in making the dedication of our Lincoln Pioneer Village a success.

All organizations as well as individuals in Rockport and throughout the entire county have been most loyal to the undertaking.

It would be impossible to mention all the names here of all those who gave their time, their money and their talents to the cause, so we express appreciation to them all in this way.

We now ask for donations of furniture, dishes, rag rugs, cooking utensils and any pioneer relics to furnish all the cabins and make them a real museum of Spencer county pioneer days. A caretaker will see that all such antiques are properly cared for. Some recent donations of money are: Horace Morganthaler, Indianapolis, $2; original Boonville Press Club, $5; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hall, $2; Will Birkshire, New York, $5; William Fortune, Indianapolis, $100; W. W. Collins, $5.

Bess Ehrmann, President

Laura Mercy Wright, Secretary

Spencer County Historical Society