The Lincoln Homestead
Before Renovation
Front View

The replica of the Lincoln cabin has a lean-to on the rear and a chimney on the east. It boasts six-over-six double hung sashes and features a loft reached by a series of pegs driven into the wall.

The Lincoln Homestead features a stairway of pegs driven into the wall which leads to a loft. At night, Lincoln climbed to his bed in a loft such as this. Articles of interest are a spinning wheel, a bed of boughs, a roughly-made table, and a cupboard formerly owned by neighbors of the Lincolns. A lean-to joins the back of the cabin.

Front Left View

Front Left View

Back Right View

Back Right View

Front Right View - 83 KB

Back Left View - 70 KB

Inside View

The inside of the Lincoln homestead contains a stuffed golden eagle, 2 spinning wheels, 2 butter churns, a child's table and chairs, baskets, crockery, log beds, chest of drawers, 2 round top trunks with one book, flat trunks, a wicker ladder back chair and 2 tables.

Second Inside View - 27 KB

Postcard View

Text on Back: Replica of the third and last Indiana home of the Lincolns, in the Lincoln Pioneer Village at Rockport, Indiana. In the village are sixteen log houses, each one representing a pioneer building connected with Spencer County history and the life of Abraham Lincoln. This is one of the most unusual memorials ever built to honor the great Emancipator, who lived the fourteen formative years of his life in Spencer County. The memorial was designed by George H. Honig, artist and sculptor.

Second Postcard View

Text on Back: Same as above but color photo by Brock.