The Rockport Democrat, June 21, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.


Historical Society Names Several To Serve on Reception Committees At City Park On July 4th


On July 4th there are to be three special reception committees with people from all over Spencer county, who are to welcome the guests who come to celebrate with us at the dedication of the Lincoln Pioneer Village.

These committees are asked to be in place between 9:30 and 10:00 a. m. and just outside the Pioneer Village in the city park (the old fairgrounds) on the south side of the park. Three large signs are to designate the location of the committees. The "Escort of Honor" for the day, fifty pretty young women in costumes of red, white and blue are to form in two lines from the committees to the roadway and visitors pass between these lines and are received by the following committees:

Main reception committee from Rockport—T. C. Basye, chairman; Mrs. T. C. Basye, Mayor and Mrs. Harvey Chinn, Miss Pet Enlow, Mrs. Arch Stevenson, Representative and Mrs. Edward Simpson, Mrs. Fred Heuring, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Salm, Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Hayden, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Savage, Mr. and Mrs. Amos P. Wright, Don Seay, Mr. and Mrs. John Pyle, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoch, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart, Mrs. Cova Wetzel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilbern, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Sohn, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kinney.

From Dale—Mr. and Mrs. Otis Brooner, Mr. and Mrs. Allenbaugh, Dr. and Mts. Claude Lomax, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wedeking, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Weller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gogel, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lindsey.

From Grandview—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baker, W. P Meeks, Mrs. Mary Thurman, Mrs. Gertrude Baker, Mrs. Olive Mosby, G. W. Richey, Dr. and Mrs. Stuteville.

From Gentryville—Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Will Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Zelia.

From Chrisney—Miss Frieda Becker, Miss Hazel Wetherell, Rev. Stevens.

From Lamar—Miss Mary Brinkman.

From Eureka—Mr. and Mrs. James Mattingly, Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Payton.

From Richland—Dr. and Mrs. Parvin Jolly, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Pattie.

Evanston—Mrs. Alma Mann.

From Hatfield—Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McKenney.

From Clay City—Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Rathert.

From St. Meinrad—Mrs. Rose Hubers.

McGuffey club reception committee: U. S. Lindsey, chairman; Mrs. U. S. Lindsey, Charles Halbruge, Mrs. Hilbert Bennett, Prof. A. H. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. R. Haines, Mrs. Matilda Weil, Prof. and Mrs. Morganthaler, Mrs. Molly Payne, Miss Hettie White, Mrs. Lizzie Gentry, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strassell, Mrs. Eugenia Ehrmann, Grant Johnson.

Boonville Press Club committee—Mrs. Mina Cook, chairman; Mr. and Mrs. George Honig, Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Ehrmann, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Axton, Prof. and Mrs. T. V. Pruitt, Mrs. Lucy Fueister, Jacob Baum, Mrs. Ophia Adams.