The Rockport Journal, May 17, 1935

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Plans For Dedication Taking Form Rapidly

In any project that benefits a community and makes it a better place in which to live there are many ways of helping besides giving money gifts.

In the building of the Lincoln Pioneer Village the unselfish service of long and arduous labor given by George Honig, in doing a great thing for his home county, is a thing that should inspire others to assist in many ways. Through days of sunshine and days of rain Mr. Honig has worked to make his dream of a Lincoln memorial here come true, worked without pay and often without proper encouragement, yet never faltering in the work he has set before him to be finished. All honor to this loyal patriotic citizen.

Money gifts not listed in our last report are as follows: Cullen Souder $1, William Wetzel $3, Judge Oscar Minor $2, Log Cabin Filling Station (Mr. Schoenfeld) $5, George Stettler $2, Rockport Music Club $3, Mrs. E. J. Nichols, Chicago, $3.

Robt. Snyder has donated the old time church bell for the old log church in the village, a bell that was sometimes used to call the men from the fields outside the stockade when Indians were seen approaching. This is a much appreciated gift by the Spencer County Historical Society.

Gifts of old time cooking utensils used in the fireplaces are being received and other gifts for the cabin furnishing.

The Methodist Aid Society are going to serve an old fashioned dinner at long tables in the lovely park and the ladies are to be dressed in pioneer costumes and the dishes and silver of olden days is to be used.

A very novel thing is to be done in the pioneer village. Mrs. Hilbert Bennett is to blow an old conch shell to call the family to dinner. This conch shell was owned by Mrs. Bennett’s grandmother, Mrs. Jemimina Hall Stowers, and used by her in the long ago.

Again we shall live a day out of the past. Plan to take part and be in the mammoth parade the morning of July 4th.