The Rockport Journal, July 3, 1936

Article was typed as it was worded in the newspaper.

Lincoln Country Summer Festival Opens With Church Service Sunday

Sunday, June 28, witnessed the opening of the Lincoln Country Summer Festival at the Pioneer Village and a good crowd was present to enjoy and take part in the sacred services held in the replica of the old Pigeon Baptist church.

Long before the hour for opening the building was full and many were standing on the outside waiting to hear the services and we doubted if there were as many present in all the churches of Rockport for the morning services. Elder W. C. Arnold of Crossville, Ill. a Primitive Baptist minister of many years service, was the speaker. He told of the unity that should exist among all churches. Elder Arnold was introduced by Mrs. Mina Cook, who touchingly told of the friendship that existed between the minister and her father, the late Joseph Armstrong.

Rev. Earl Morris of the Grandview and Richland M. E. churches directed the singing of old time songs. Prayer was offered by Rev. J. G. Gettings, pastor of the Rockport Baptist church.

Elder Arnold took for his text the words "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today and forever." He may have preached an old time sermon. If he did, he did not hold his congregation together for two or three hours. He said many good things that all should treasure.

Before and after the services all had a chance to visit the various buildings and thus get some idea of how people lived in primitive days. While the services were going on, L. F. Halbruge was busy making free coffee, furnished by merchants handling Chase & Sanborn coffee. This was furnished to all who wished to partake.

The festivities continued Monday with a free picture show in the lower auditorium of the court house, put on by the Standard Oil Co. with Ben J. Branch in charge. The outstanding feature being scenes in the life of Stephen Foster.

On Tuesday places of interest were visited and on Wednesday the Kiwanis had charge but due to the rain the picnic part of the program could not be held.

Today, Thursday, interest will center around the unveiling of the marker in the City Park furnished by Ex-Mayor L. F. Weiss. The marker gives the date of the purchase of the park, names of the officers at that time and other facts. This promises to be an outstanding event.

But the big and final day of the festivities will come Saturday, starting with a forenoon program and the big parade at 10 o’clock and we are told that this will be a bigger parade than that of last year. In this parade you will see how they did it a hundred years ago and how they are doing it today, showing a real century of progress.

From the conclusion of the parade until 2 p. m. the throngs will be given an opportunity to visit the village, eat lunch, provide it yourself or procure it on the ground where a real meal will be served.

Two bands, the Rockport high school band and Prof. Donavan Hickman’s band of Owensboro, will furnish music.

Mrs. C. D. Ehrman, who has been the moving spirit in all the activities, will introduce A. P. Eberlin of Evansville, president of the S. I. C. A., who will be master of ceremonies. Mayor Chinn will welcome the visitors. Rev. Wilbur M. Allen will give the invocation. Presiding officer Eberlin will the introduce the following who will speak: Thos. Finley, Madisonville, Ky., Senator Sherman Minton, Dr. C. B. Coleman, Prof. Ross Lockridge, Hon. Clifford Townsend and Hon. Raymond Springer, Democratic and Republican candidates for governor respectively. These speakers will be followed by the dedication of the new WPA projects by Wayne Coy, Indiana director of PWA.

Additional music will be furnished by the Swiss Hill Billies of Tell City and the Hartwell quartette. Other talks will be given by George Honig, architect, William Fortune of Indianapolis and Lew O’Bannon, editor of the Corydon Democrat. The benediction will be given by Rev. Lee S. Jarrett.

Those who have read the local papers for the past six weeks will remember other details of the celebration.